Unique solution for the GameFi Metaverse sector for Games, Guilds and Gamers
What is DeWallet?
DeWallet includes two products:
DeWallet Platform and DeWallet Extension
DeWallet Extension
The first of its kind Wallet that allows users to connect to games and play using NFT assets without actually owning them
DeWallet Platform
Feature rich asset management system for automating all of a Guild's work with scholars from invitation to NFT/token distribution to collecting and distributing revenue
DeWallet Extension for Gamers is a easy process of obtaining assets from the Guild and a comfortable interface. All assets are secure and cannot be managed by users.
The DeWallet Platform makes it much easier for Guilds to work with Scholars: guilds can send assets in a few clicks and withdraw them just as quickly and easily.
Native system integration with DeWallet Extension is very simple for Games, even easier and faster than integration with MetaMask.
DeWallet connects three points of the process:
DeFi Games, Guilds and Gamers
DeWallet Platform
setting fee parameters for transfer and withdrawing assets
transaction history
creating Scholar lists for transfer assets
intuitive dashboard with Guild account information
withdrawal of assets in a couple of clicks. You can withdraw assets from individual users or the entire Scholar list
work with created Scholar lists: new transfers, adding and removing members from the Scholar list
easy-to-use system for working with Scholars
So what can our platform do?
DeWallet Platform is an application for gaming Guilds created by our team to make it easier for Guilds to work with DeFi Games and gamers
DeWallet Extension
DeWallet Extension is a Chrome browser extension for Gamers. Extension is intended for interaction between Gamers and Guilds and authorization in DeFi Games. DeWallet is a first of its kind wallet that allows you to play with Guild assets.
Dewallet extension features:
Easily integrates with DeFi game web apps
Easily installed by gamers through standard Chrome functionality
Have the assets of different guilds in the same wallet
User cannot manage Guild assets - sell or transfer to other wallets. Guild assets are therefore safe
Guild can withdraw assets from Gamer's wallet when required
The Game website integrates front-end with DeWallet Extension. For a description of the integration steps, see our documentation
Gamer installs the DeWallet Extension on the Chrome browser
Guild registers an account on dewallet.io
How to get started with DeWallet?
To get started with DeWallet, you need to follow a few simple steps. Integration progress from beginning to end:
Guild transfers game assets to the wallet linked to the DeWallet account
Guild creates a scholars list and distributes game assets to the Gamers
Gamers in DeWallet Extension confirm the integration with the Guild and receive game assets after confirmation
Gamers log in to the game website through DeWallet Extension and start playing and earning
We are open for partnership and integration. For any questions, write to tanya@dewallet.io
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